Four Face (4 Mukhi) Original Nepal Rudraksha

Four Face (4 Mukhi) Original Nepal Rudraksha
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4 Mukhi (Four Faces) Rudraksha has four lines on its surface. Four Faces) Rudraksha bead is ruled by Lord Brahma, who is the creator of the Universe. Lord Brahma is one of the Deity of Hindu Trinity or Trideva. He is also the bestower of knowledge and creativity. Ruling Planet :-Planet Jupiter. Ruling God:- Lord Brahma (Prajapati, Hiranyagarbh, Brahnaspati or Vishwakarma). Day of wearing :- Monday. Mantra:- Om Hreem Namah. A wearer of this 4 Mukhi (4 Faces) Rudraksha bead becomes more knowledgeable since his powers of concentration are increased. His memory power also increases. This type of Rudraksha also improves our Public speaking skills. Students who wear 4 Mukhi (Four Faces) Rudraksha bead are able to do better in their studies due to improved memory power and concentration.   It is helpful for research related job/work. The 4 Faces (Mukhi) Rudraksha blesses wearer with creative thoughts, better communication skills, improved speaking power and meditation.

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