Fourteen Faced Rudraksha

Fourteen Faced Rudraksha
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Fourteen faced or Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Hanuman and represents 14 Lokas, 14 Manu, and 14 Vidyas. By wearing it one gets rid of all sins and diseases and attains good health. This is popularly known as Hanuman Rudraksha and bestows the wearer with all types of Siddhi. It is highly auspicious for the natives of Aries and Capricorn ascendant. If one gets it, fortunately, it is very powerful and brings the complete favor of God. It gives a person all the worldly pleasures and such a person is even honored by God. It overcomes the malefic impact of Saturn and Mars. It helps combat the obstacles in life and develops a strong sixth sense. It is a very powerful Rudraksha bead.

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