Our Relationship with our Solar System by Amitabh Ubrol

Our Relationship with our Solar System by Amitabh Ubrol
19 January, 2023

As we are aware our Solar System has five Planets namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn with two Luminaries namely Sun and Moon along with two invisible nodes namely Rahu and Ketu. Leaving Rahu and Ketu aside the other Planets and Luminaries have their colors like:-

Mercury Green
Venus Grey
Mars Red
Jupiter Yellow
Saturn Blue

Sun Golden
Moon White

Now as we know Planets and Moon do not have their own light, they reflect the light of the Sun, the only source of light in our Solar System. The Sun's light when falls on the Planets and Moon, reflects with the same color light of the Planets and Moon to our Planet Earth, thus affecting the AURA and CHAKRAS of Living on Earth. Its effect is increased and decreased according to the Dasha (Planets Period and Sub Periods) and Gochar (Transit).

Likewise, it also affects their mind and nature. This further affects their (KARMA) work and doings. KARMA with AURA and CHAKRAS affects the nature of Living beings, dividing into Satwikta, Rajsikta and Tamsikta convert into Simple Life, Ruling Life, and Aggressive Life respectively. Similarly, Living Being’s food habits also affect their AURA and CHAKRAS.

Life Style Food Habit Planets

Simple Life Vegetarian Food Moon, Jupiter, Mercury
Ruling Life Non-Vegetarian Plus Vegetarian Food Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Ketu
Aggressive Life Non-Vegetarian Sun, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Ketu