Eleven Faced Rudraksha

Eleven Faced Rudraksha
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Eleven faced or Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Rudra. This is the symbol of 11 Rudras and the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva i.e. Lord Hanuman. Those who wear it get the auspicious results of thousand Ashwamedh Yagyas, hundred Vajpeya Yagyas and also, the same auspicious Punya which can only be attained by donating a hundred thousand cows. It blesses the wearer with wisdom, power, public speaking abilities and victory in battles besides protection from accidents and all evils. This is the symbol of Indra, the lord of God. It has combined powers of 11 Rudras stored in it. This should be kept at the place of worship or in a jewelry box. This enhances wealth and prosperity and grants long life to the spouse of the wearer. This helps in getting the desired respect and affection from the person you love. It proves highly auspicious for the natives of Scorpio ascendant.

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