Rudraksh benefits all kind of people irrespective of their age, sex, culture, caste, location and religion. They reflect only positive effects on the persons who use them. There are no negative effects of Rudraksh. Rudraksh rejuvenates one’s Mind, Soul and Body and makes them to perform to the full potential and raise the quality of life on an overall aspect.

The term was derived from the origin where ‘Rudra’ is the other name of Lord Shiva and ‘aksha’ signifies the tear drops coming out of the eyes. It is believed that the tear drops falling from the eyes of Lord Shiva grow the plant from where Rudraksh are got. These are available in various sizes and each of them has their own specialty and significance. Rudraksh have various remedial uses in the Medicine, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Vastu Shastra.

Rudraksh has the tendency to control blood related diseases, heart attacks and heart beating and it cures problems related to Nervous Systems. It removes the excess heat of the body and protects the body and heals small pox and wounds affected by bites of venomous snakes and insects.

Some other uses are like:

1. It raises the power in prayer and Sadhna
2. Help in a deep and sound sleep
3. Clarity of mind from fear of evil and negative aspects of life.
4. Barren women would be definitely blessed with a baby when she uses the Rudraksh.
5. Helps in the arousing of Kundalini.
6. Protects the person who wears it from body related diseases.

Rudraksh can be worn after proper worship of Lord Shiva and by reciting particular mantras on Mondays. There are actually 1-21 faced Rudraksh, each having their ruling planets and special importance in curing the diseases, and the day in particular to be worn.

Rudraksh and Planets:

  1. One Mukhi – Sun.
  2. Two Mukhi – Moon.
  3. Three Mukhi – Mars.
  4. Four Mukhi – Mercury.
  5. Five Mukhi – Jupiter.
  6. Six Mukhi – Venus.
  7. Seven Mukhi – Saturn.
  8. Eight Mukhi – Rahu.
  9. Nine Mukhi – Ketu.

Rudraksh is a divine seed and are worn for finding remedies for the problems in one’s life. Rudraksh is a medicine and remedy as it completely gives positive effects for the person wearing it. In fact, there are some rules while wearing them. They are:

  1. It has to be worn after performing prayers and should be worn on promising days like Monday or Thursday
    2. Specific mantras need to be chanted while wearing them.
    3. It can be worn in the morning after taking bath
    4. Non-vegetarian food and alcohol should be avoided by the person who wears it
    5. It should not be taken to funerals and cremation grounds
    6. Women must completely not wear during their menstrual cycle and also shouldn’t wear while having sex
    7. Rudraksh has to be clean always and also be oiled.

Best results can be obtained only by the usage of originally specified faced Rudraksh wearing Rudraksh on a Vastu Basis helps the worshipper to be blessed with peace, health and prosperity. Different Mukhi of Rudraksh are also used for treatment of different diseases like:

  1. Heart, spine, diaphragm, thymus, blood, veins, eye sight.
  2. Stomach including gastric processes, breasts, lymphatic and non blood systems, perspiration, saliva and sympathetic nervous system.
  3. Sex glands, adrenal glands, red blood cells, stomach disorders, blood pressure disorders.
  4. Hands, arms, lungs, sensory organs, thyroid glands, brain disorders.
  5. Liver, gallbladder, posterior lobe of the pituitary related to growth and thighs, blood pressure disorders.
  6. Throat, neck, kidneys, sex organs, thyroid glands.
  7. Mental tension, depression, spleen, skeletal system including cartilage, skin, lower leg from the knee to the ankle and anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.
  8. Sleep disorders.
  9. Skin problems, body pain.
  10. All respiratory diseases, chronic cough, asthama, whooping cough.
  11. Nervous system disorders.
  12. Heart, spine, diaphragm, thymus, blood, veins, eye sight.
  13. Throat, neck, kidneys, sex organs, thyroid glands.
  14. Mental tension, depression, spleen, skeletal system including cartilage, skin, lower leg from the knee to the ankle and anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

All Rudraksh are available with Astro Help Centre subject to availability.

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Universal Mantra for Rudraksh Worshiping is “OM NAMO SHIVAYA”