Planet Earth is a Karma Bhumi ( a place to perform actions, work or deeds ) for all Living Beings to perform good or bad Karma on Planet Earth.

Knowledge is the only sustainable form to carry forward to next birth along with the soul.

So increase your knowledge whether good or bad with maximum abundance in the form of events, doings and happenings in current birth to increase the development of the soul.

Karma Explained

Many Kriya ( actions )  join to make a Karyaa ( deeds ), and many Karyaa join to make Karma ( work ).

Right Kriya gives result to right Karyaa and many right Karyaa result in right Karma.

Wrong Kriya gives result to wrong Karyaa and many wrong Karyaa result in wrong Karma

Karma  of current Birth = Kriya + Karyaa = Karma.

Birth = Body + Soul + Mind

Death = Body – Soul – Mind

At Birth, Soul brings knowledge from Past Birth to correct them in Present Birth with a new body and a fresh mind.

At death, Soul carries knowledge from Current Birth to correct them in Future Birth leaving behind body and mind of the Current Birth.

So the role of Karma is very important to be able to distinguish between good or bad.

In the Universe every aspect is

  2. + & –
  3. DAY & NIGHT
  4. GOOD & BAD
  5. YES & NO
  7. LIFE & DEATH,

All are related to each other, without one the other has no significance. To sustain life on earth, there has to be a beginning to all ends and an end to all beginning.

Which means we are the creator and destroyer of our Current Birth depending on the Karma we choose.